Our aim is to create a long lasting and strong relationship between the human and dog.

Peter specializes in behaviour and modification and management of aggression cases.

A strong background in training allows him to not only understand the reason for your dogs aggression issues but also how to implement strategies to cope with them.

Our training classes

Our classes have been specificially designed
to foster the best possible relationship between you and your dog.

puppy school
The Puppy School
Focusses on creating an environment where you can socialize your puppy and introduce them to other people and dogs of a similar age.
The Dog School
The Dog School
Several classes and levels that take place on Saturdays and Sundays.
behaviour modification
Behaviour Modification Programs
Assistance in positive reinforcement training in order to better adapt behaviour.
Online Courses
Online Courses
Effective communication between man and dog.
Who am I?

My Name is Peter Eleftheriou and I run Understanding Dog in the East Rand area of Johannesburg, I am also the owner and operator of Mckaynine Edenvale training school.

My qualifications include:

  • Canine Communications diploma- Lotte Griffiths
  • A-Dip CBM (with Distinction) Compass U.K.- Petsense College SA.
  • DipCABT (COAPE SA) Animal Behaviour with Merit.
  • Certified IMDT Dog Trainer with Distinction.
  • ConfiPup Instructor with Distinction.
  • Learn Canine Puppy and Obedience Instructor Certificate with merit.
  • The puppy Lab- School of Canine Science
  • Pawsonel Trainer Bronze
  • Accredited canine behaviourist with the ABC of South Africa (consultant to the committee).
  • Master course- Aggression in Dogs - run by Michael Shikashio.

I have four dogs:

  • Philos (6) male Boston terrier
  • Agapi (5) female Pekingese
  • Mila (22 months) female Labrador
  • Aries (3 month) male GSD

Mila Graduation
Aries graduation

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